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WatcherTower Docker Command

 WatchTower is a docker container that monitors and updates other containers on a system. The following command can be run to not only launch the command, but enable debugging, cleanup and setting a schedule. docker run --detach \     --name watchtower \     --volume /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \     -e WATCHTOWER_CLEANUP='true' \     -e WATCHTOWER_DEBUG='true' \     -e TZ='America/Chicago' \     -e WATCHTOWER_SCHEDULE='0 0 1 * * *' \     containrrr/watchtower:latest
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Resolve Linux hostnames on Windows Systems

The following are the steps for enabling the ability to ping a Debian Linux system by hostname on a Windows system; Step 1: Update and install packages with the following command. Step 2: Launch a text editor (in this case nano) to modify nsswitch.conf.  Step 3: Modify the "hosts:" portion to the following and save the changes.   Now you should be able to resolve the Linux hostname on a Windows system. Cheers, Greg